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Admissions 2022-2023

All boards are currently reviewing their Admission Policies in light of their experience of the 2021/2022 school year. If any changes are made to the Admission Policy, those changes should be highlighted in red and the Policy sent to [email protected] or [email protected]  for ratification by the Patron.

The Admission Process in all our Catholic Schools for the school year 2022/2023 begins on 13 January  2022.

Boards of Management

For Your Attention as the School Year Begins
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Change of Chairperson of a Board of Management

The appointment of a new Chairperson of a Board of Management is only made after consultation with the Patron. The Patron is then responsible for informing the DES of the change. It is very important that this form is completed and returned as soon as the Patron has agreed to the appointment of a new Chairperson.

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Change of Board of Management Member Form
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Form 2

• It is important that all Boards have full membership and that any vacancies are filled as soon as possible. Please refer to the Governance Manual 7:3; 7:4 and 7:5 for further information. You can also contact your parish priest or the Diocesan Office if you need any assistance in this.
• When a new member takes their place on the Board please ensure that Form 2 is updated and a copy placed in the Minute Book
• You must also complete a Change of BOM Chairperson or Member form & return to [email protected] as soon as possible.

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Capital Project Form
Download now (334 KB)
Credit Card - Guidelines for Online Purchases

This form must be consulted where a school board of management requires a credit card for its online purchases.

Download now (281 KB)
Application for School Credit Card

Patron Approval using this form must be obtained before an application for a Credit Card is made.

Download now (147 KB)
Child Safeguarding - Mandatory Template 4

Boards of Management are required to conduct an annual review of the Child Safety Statement and to notify the Patron that this has happened. Once this review has taken place Mandatory Template 4 must be completed and returned to [email protected] to fulfil the requirement to notify the Patron. An acknowledgment of the notification will be sent to the chairperson and principal. This should be placed on record as it may be required as evidence by the Inspectorate in the event of a CPSI. Notification of the Annual Review for 2020/2021 must be submitted on or before October 27.

Mandatory Template 4
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School Appointments

CPSMA Guidance Note in relation to conducting interviews using Video-Conferencing Technology

For remote interviews

CPSMA Template Letter of invitation to Online Interview

For remote interviews

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Interview Board Member’s Checklist for Remote Interview

For remote interviews

Candidate’s Checklist for Remote Interview

For remote interviews

CPSMA Guidance Note on holding face to face interviews during the Covid-19 Pandemic

For face to face interviews

CPSMA Template Letter of invitation to Face to Face interview (Teacher) during Covid-19 Pandemic

For face to face interviews

Teimpléad de Litir d’Agallaimh Aghaidh ar Aghaidh – Leagan Gaeilge

Táimid an bhuíoch d’Aingeal Uí Dálaigh a rinne aistriucháin ar an litir seo dúinn

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Covid-19 Interview Participation form

For face to face interviews

Important Information

Please use the forms below when requesting Patron Approval for the Selection Panel and for the approval of all teacher appointments of 24 weeks or more.

It is important to use one form for each named teacher whose appointment approval is being sought. This is to facilitate the placing of these forms in each teacher employment record file.

Please note that all teachers appointed to teach in our schools must hold a recognised qualification to teach Religious Education. If a teacher on the Permanent Panel does not hold such a qualification please contact Maeve - [email protected]

Procedures for the Recruitment and Appointment of Teachers
Download now (681 KB)
Patron Approval Teacher Appointment 2020
Download now (78 KB)
Interview Board Approval Form 2020
Download now (119 KB)
Teacher Recruitment Procedures to be Followed 2020
Download now (652 KB)
Recognised Qualification to teach Religious Education
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Recognition of Religious Education Qualifications
Important Information

If you are forming a Selection Panel for the appointment of a Principal please contact Maeve Mahon at [email protected] or 087-2373336

Application for Patron Approval Interview Board Principals Appointment
Download now (94 KB)
Application for Patron Approval Principal Appointment
Download now (100 KB)
Patron Approval SNA Appointment 2020
Download now (134 KB)
Important Infomation

As per Circular 44/19 6:3 the List of Independent Assessors for Leadership and Management Appointments has been agreed between the INTO and the Patron. This list has been circulated 3/9/2021 to all Chairpersons and Principals. It is also available from [email protected] .

When making these appointments Patron approval for the Interview Board must be sought in advance of the interview process.

Notification of the appointment of an API; APII or internal DP is made following the conclusion of the appeals period to the Patron. Where an external DP recruitment process takes place Patron Approval must be sought for the appointment of the successful candidates.

All the relevant forms can be found here.

Application for Patron Approval for Interview Board of a Leadership and Management Appointment
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Notification to Patron of API and APII Internal DP Appointments 2021
Download now (185 KB)
Patron Approval DP Appointment 2021
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Schools Vetting

Important Information

Please note, all school vetting forms need to be sent directly to Br Camillus Regan, CPSMA, 10 Hawthorn Drive, Tullow, Co Carlow.

Sending schools vetting forms to Bishops House will result in a delay in your application.

Applications cannot be processed without the relevant ID and address verification – please use the checklist to make sure you application is completed correctly.

Vetting may be carried out for 16-18 year olds with parental consent.

Vetting Guidelines for Schools (2016)

There are a number of questions regarding vetting in schools, the following guidelines aim to answer some of those questions. This is the most up-to-date information we have to our disposal.

Download now (156 KB)
NVB1 Form (for email applicants)
Download now (302 KB)
'How to' Guide for NVB1 Form
Download now (822 KB)
NVB2 Form (ONLY for those without email)
Download now (485 KB)
'How to' Guide for NVB2 Form
3 NVB Parent/Guardian Consent Form for 16-18 year olds
Download now (305 KB)
Identification Requirements for under 18s
Download now (193 KB)

Useful Resources

CPSMA Guidance for Payments to Independent Assessors
Download now (246 KB)
Daily Fee Invoice for Independent Assessors
Download now (61 KB)
Travel & Subsistence Claim Form for Independent Assessors
Download now (66 KB)
Governance Manual for Primary Schools 2019-2023
CPSMA Handbook for Chairpersons
Draft PA Constitution
Download now (21 KB)

School Procedures

INTO/CPSMA Complaints Procedure Guidelines for Primary Schools
Download now (371 KB)
Workplace Bullying and Harrassment
Download now (142 KB)
Staff Relation Issues
Download now (142 KB)
Grievance Issues
Download now (142 KB)
Grievance & Disciplinary Procedures SNA’s
Download now (143 KB)
Other Employees: Statutory Instrument 146/2000
Professional Competency & Disciplinary Teachers & Principals

Revised procedures in relation to professional competence issues and general disciplinary matters

Download now (792 KB)