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Loving and Generous God, it is You who call us by name and ask us to follow You. Help us to grow in the Love and Service of our Church as we experience it today.

Give us the energy and courage of Your Spirit to shape its future.

Grant us faith-filled leaders who will embrace Christ’s Mission of love and justice.

Bless the Church of Kildare & Leighlin by raising up dedicated and generous leaders from our families and friends who will serve Your people as priests.

Inspire us to know You better and open our hearts to hear Your call.

We ask this through our Lord. Amen.

Bread is a lovely thing to eat – God bless the barley and the wheat!

A lovely thing to breathe is air – God bless the sunshine everywhere!

The earth’s a lovely place to know – God bless the folks that come and go!

Alive’s a lovely thing to be – Giver of life, we say, bless Thee!

By H.M Sarson

Mary dear, you are my mother.
Please take my hand and tell me where to go
who to see
and what to say.
Please don’t let go of my hand,
Mary dear,
because I need you
and I will always love you.

Lord, I ask but one favour of you today
That of dwelling in your church
Not as a scholar
Nor as a philospher
Not as an athlete
Not yet as a hero
But simply as a child of Mary your mother.

The nicest place to be is in someones thoughts,
The safest place to be is in someones prayers,
The best place to be is in Gods hands.

In this darkness
be my sight
In this wounded fear
My strength and healing
Be, In this confusion
All my understanding

See and take my steps for me
Suffer all my loss for me
Smile and heal my friends for me
Strength without deserting me
Kindness without ending

Take my hand O Blessed Mother,
Hold it firmly lest I fall;
I am nervous when I’m walking,
So to thee I humbly call.

Guide me over every crossing
Watch me while I am on the stairs.
Help me with my undertakings
Lessen many of my cares.

Then when darkness falls upon us
And I fear to be alone;
Take my hand O Blessed Mother,
Once again and lead me home.

One fervent Hail Mary with love and thought said,
Is better than volumes of prayers poorly read.
If time and one’s duties prevent a long prayer,
Just say one Hail Mary with fervour and care.
The Golden Hail Mary which from the heart springs,
the greatest of blessings from Mary it brings.
And we will never know ’til before Mary’s throne,
how that daily Hail Mary brought us to her home.

O God of life, this night
O darken not to me thy light,

O God of life, this night
Close not the gladness to my sight,

O God of life, this night,
Thy door to me, O shut not tight,

O God of life, this night.

Goodnight, dear Jesus,
Though I leave you, my heart still
lingers on thy shrine, for in the little
lamp that burns before you, I place
this wayward heart of mine.
With angels’ choir in yonder Heaven,
I join each breath og mine tonight.
So let me rest on thy dear bosom until
the darkness turns to light.
Goodnight my love, my God, my Saviour.
Some day I shall thy beauty see.
In this blessed hope I go to sleep to dream of thee.