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Confirmation for 2022: ‘Seek and You Shall Find’ Luke 11:9

Our Virtual Confirmation Retreat can be viewed below. This resource is offered as a way of helping parishes and schools facilitate a retreat experience for those preparing for Confirmation. The recorded material provides a framework which can be adapted and further developed by the facilitators to suit their local context.

The recorded material is accompanied by a Virtual Retreat Resource Pack.

This Resource Pack will help guide Parish Team Members/Sacramental Coordinator/Teachers/Parish Catechists through the process of facilitating a retreat experience for the Confirmation candidates. The material can be used as part of the preparation for Confirmation or as a way of helping the candidates re connect with their Confirmation commitment after the celebration has taken place.

The following materials are also included:

It would not have been possible to offer these materials without our wonderful presenters; Bishop Denis, Charlotte Vard, Fr David Vard and Hazel McWey and the expertise of Fr Bill Kemmy at We are truly grateful for their support, commitment and energy for this project.

Over the past two years because of the many challenges and restrictions posed by COVID 19 the majority of Confirmation celebrations took place outside of Mass as allowed by Canon 882. The experience of focusing on the Rite of Confirmation was a very positive one for a significant number of people and Bishop Denis hopes that parishes will choose to continue to celebrate Confirmation this way in the coming year. There is a template for the celebration of the Rite of Confirmation on pages 7-11 of the attached Guidelines.  

If you choose to celebrate Confirmation within the Eucharist, then further Guidelines are available from [email protected]