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Catholic Schools Week 2021

Catholic Schools Week 2021 begins on Sunday, January 24 and concludes on January 31. Parishes are asked to engage with the celebration of Catholic Schools Week and the following suggestions are offered:

Some suggestions for Parish Engagement during Catholic Schools Week 2021

  • Include a reference to Catholic Schools week and the Diocesan Prayer(insert link); on the Parish Facebook/Website/Newsletter.
  • Place a candle, with the CSW Candle Wrapper on the altar for the duration of Catholic Schools Week. The Diocesan Prayer for Catholic School’s Week could be prayed each day as it is lit and the names of the schools in your parish could be read out at this time.
  • Contact the principal/RE Coordinator of your parish schools and let them know that you will be mentioning and praying for your schools at the masses or during a designated mass during the week.
  • Include a Prayer of the Faithful based on the theme for each day; The theme for CSW 2021 is Catholic Schools; Communities of Faith and Resilience:
    • Monday – Faith; Tuesday-Learning; Wednesday: Grandparent’s Day – Love; Thursday – Resilience; Friday – Hope
  • Liaise with your schools to see if there are any virtual assemblies happening during the week at which you might be present.

A full set of resources is available by following this link.

Bishop Denis has also prepared some videos, one for all the staff of our Catholic Schools, another for the pupils of our Catholic Secondary Schools and another to make Grandparents’ Day. The first of these videos is available below, a message to all the staff.

In his second video celebrating Catholic Schools Week, Bishop Denis has a very special message for all our students of Catholic Secondary Schools.

In this, Bishop Denis’ third video for Catholic School’s Week, he celebrates Grandparent’s Day and also extends a special invitiation to all the boys and girls in our schools.

For Catholic Schools Week 2021 children in our primary schools are making Prayer Boxes. Learn more by watching the video:

Two of our RE Coordinators, Sandra and Avril  have been kind enough to share their adaptation of the Prayer Box Activity on Seesaw, you can access them here:

Thanks to one of our principals, Sandra, who has created a resource using Bishop Denis’ video message on Seesaw. There is also a template heart for the Virtual Hug Activity.

We are looking forward to getting lots of photos of the Prayer Boxes to share to our K&L Facebook page