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Praying in Union with our Bishop and Priests – Resources for use during Priests Retreat


Week of Priests’ Retreat September 10th to 13th, 2018

In the second week of September Bishop Denis and the priests of the diocese will be on retreat together in Dromantine, Co. Down. This will mean that in many of the parishes of our diocese there will not be a priest available to celebrate weekday Mass. However, Bishop Denis is encouraging parishes to keep their normal schedule of weekday liturgy from September 10th to 13th and for parishioners to continue to gather for prayer on those days when they normally celebrate Mass.

Furthermore, Bishop Denis is inviting people across the diocese to join in praying for the needs and the people of the diocese in union with our priests. Parishioners will be invited to write their prayer intentions and leave them in the church. Families will be invited to pray the diocesan prayer in the home during this week while the weekday assemblies of people will be encouraged to bring the needs and people of the diocese to their prayer together.

As we read in Acts, gathering for public prayer on a weekday has been part of the earliest tradition of the Church, even in the absence of an ordained priest. Over time a particular prayer form emerged for these weekday gatherings, namely the liturgy of the hours (or what some might have heard referred to as the Divine Office). To this day, the liturgy of the hours, with its principal hours of Morning and Evening Prayer, is the daily prayer of the Church. This prayer continues to be prayed across the world; it is rightfully the prayer of the people of God. When Mass cannot be celebrated in the parish the Church recommends this prayer, or a Celebration of God’s Word, as the most suitable alternative.

As a people we can be assured that, even in the absence of an ordained priest, when we gather to pray in God’s name Christ is with us, nourishing us with his presence. When we proclaim the Word of God it is Christ who speaks to us, nourishing us with his Word.

This resource book is offered by Kildare and Leighlin Faith Development Services and the Kildare and Leighlin Diocese Commission for Liturgical Formation to support parishioners in praying together during this week of prayer for the people of the diocese, as well as supporting prayer in the home. Its content can also serve as a model for other times when a priest is not available to celebrate Mass on a weekday.

Julie Kavanagh

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