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K&L Virtual Choir: A Hymn of Hope – The Clouds Veil

Today, our Virtual Recording ~ A Hymn of Hope ~ The Clouds Veil goes live. On behalf of Bishop Denis, thank you to so many people who took part. We had an overwhelming result with so many recording and videos being sent in.

The end result is what you see today. All of the audios were used and there were some of the videos that were unfortunately not possible to upload simply for technical reasons. If you cannot find yourself on screen please be assured that you are in the audio, which makes up the overall beautiful sound.

Many thanks to Mark and his team for spending hours trawling through videos to put them together to make this recording.

I hope that during these times when Choirs cannot sing together in Church that this will remind you of the important role you play in helping people to know that …God is by our side .

Many thanks again

Fr Liam Lawton