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Kildare and Leighlin Sings ‘A Hymn of Hope’

Kildare and Leighlin Sings ‘A Hymn of Hope’

Dear Friends,

I hope this finds you all safe and well.

Because we are not able to sing together during these challenging times, Bishop Denis has asked me to co-ordinate a Virtual Recording with an invitation to all Church Singers and Choirs. It is important that everyone know about this, so if you know of any group or individuals needing to receive this information please help in disseminating this information.

The Kildare & Leighlin Virtual Choir provides an opportunity for Singers and Choirs from all over the Diocese to sing together on a recording and allows people to use their skills and talents, continuing to give joy and encouragement to people during this time of Lock-down and especially at a time when Choirs etc are not able to function.

It is our intention to use all the audio recordings that are submitted and a panel will decide on the solo voices for the verses, taking into consideration diversity and community as well as the quality of the audio.

The Song chosen is The Cloud’s Veil and is a song that should be familiar to everyone. You will provided with:-

Instruction Sheet: This sheet will tell you exactly how and when to record

A Full Score: This will be of the music of The Clouds Veil that you will be recording, so you need to decide if you are singing in the Choir or as a Solo

Singer: The Verses are arranged for Sopranos and Altos or Tenors Basses. So you need to decide if you would also like to sing on one of these lines

A Backing Track: This will be of the song you will use to record.

Details of how to Name your Recording and how to upload it

Date on which to record the Song and the Date for the launch

Best of luck to all and I hope that many people will consider taking part.
Fr Liam Lawton
Director of Music

Sheet Music ‘The Cloud’s Veil’

Instruction Sheet

26th June:  All files to be uploaded to marking them Kildare & Leighlin – The Clouds Veil

Backing Track below: