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The ‘Box of Hope’- A Post-Primary R.E. Diocesan Initiative

‘The Box of Hope’ initiative was launched this week by Bishop Denis in response to the challenges our young people have faced during the Pandemic, and continue to face, both inside and outside the school environment.

The Box of Hope provides Post-Primary R.E. teachers with resources to allow their students an opportunity to slow down and take ‘time out’ so they can process what has being happening around them and within them. It is an opportunity to help young people to integrate an awareness of God into the daily reality and life experiences through meditation, quiet- time and stillness. The box contains a teacher’s manual ‘ Alive and Aware’ which clearly outlines how to run the 5 sessions alongside materials to create a sacred space in the classroom.

It is painfully obvious that the Pandemic has taught us one thing and that is, we are not as in control of our lives as we previously believed. In this culture where speed and immediacy are of utmost importance, we need to give our young people the time and space to slow down and to ponder reality. We need to allow them to experience a sense of stillness which will help to foster a more intimate, personal and relevant sense  of God and prayer in their lives.

It is our hope also, that this will provide the Teachers/Chaplains in our Diocese with a practical, relevant and interesting resource that will support them in meeting the needs of their student in this challenging period and in years to come.

Kildare and Leighlin Faith Development Services

Photographer – Lucja O’Neill