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Sharing our Faith Everyday

Bishop Denis Nulty established a ‘Taskforce for Education and Evangelisation’ some time ago under the chairmanship of Very Rev John Cummins. One of the first inititatives to come about is a leaflet to encourage us to share our faith on a daily basis. This initiative was launched at the weekend.


Press Release
Catholics in one of the largest dioceses in the country are being encouraged and challenged to live their faith in a more practical and public way.

Churchgoers in Kildare and Leighlin are being given four dozen suggestions about how they can live their faith and share it with others. The proposals include ideas for peoples’ homes, parishes, workplaces and schools/colleges.

All the suggestions are highlighted in a leaflet which is described as a practical guide to show people how to share their faith in everyday situations.

Among the suggestions offered are that parishioners display religious symbols around their home, pray at meals and bedtime, discuss current affairs in the context of the gospels, and  encourage children to think about the less fortunate.

People in the diocese – which covers Carlow and parts of Kildare, Laois, Offaly, Wicklow and Kilkenny – are also being encouraged to become more involved in parish activities. They are being encouraged to learn more about their faith by reading spiritual books and Catholic websites, and especially by joining fellow parishioners at Sunday Mass.

They are also being invited to commonly use phrases such as “God bless you’, ‘God bless the work’ and ‘God is good.’

People in the workplace and college are encouraged to wear a cross or symbol of their faith, not to be afraid to show their faith in front of others, and be ready to explain and talk about their faith. They are also asked to respect other people’s religious beliefs and to be honest and fair at work.

On a personal level, Catholics are asked to become more aware of God’s presence in their life and to be joyful in their faith.

The leaflet, “Sharing our Faith Everyday”, is currently being distributed by the Taskforce for Education and Evangelisation in the diocese.

Taskforce chairman, Fr. John Cummins, said there had already been a great response to the initiative. He said that in an increasingly secular society, many parishioners welcome the reminders about how to inform themselves about faith issues and to share their faith in a public way.

Bishop Denis Nulty said he hoped people of all ages and backgrounds would use the suggestions to deepen their own faith and to show others what a joyful and stimulating pathway religion offers. The Bishop recalled that in this increasingly secular society, Pope Francis had said people need to have courage to swim against the tide.