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Romanian priests visit K & L for summer months

Bishop Denis extends a warm welcome to Fr Laurentiu and Fr Claudiu from the Diocese of Iasi in Romania as they join Kildare and Leighlin for the summer months.

We sat down earlier and got to know them a little better – below is a sample of some of the questions they answered for us.

Is there an English version of your name?
Fr Laurentiu – Yes, people can call me Fr Laurence
Fr Claudiu – No, but my name is pronounced Fr Claudio, the “u” at the end can be confusing sometimes!

Where are you from in Romania?
Fr Claudio – I am from the city of Roman, which is north of the city of Bacau where Fr Laurence is from.
Fr Laurence – Both places are in north eastern Romania

How many years have you been ordained?
Fr Laurence – I have been ordained for 9 years
Fr Claudio – 4 years for me

What work or ministry have you done in Romania?
Fr Claudio – I spent one year as a curate and three years in our diocesan office working on social communications.
Fr Laurence – I spent 3 years as a curate, 2 years teaching in a seminary and 4 years studying Canon Law in Rome.

What parishes are you going to?
Fr Claudio – Tullow
Fr Laurence – Clonmore

What are you looking forward to?
Fr Laurence – I am looking forward to meeting people, to learning English and to see religious life here in Ireland.
Fr Claudio – Like Fr Laurence I am also looking forward to meeting people and learning more of the Irish culture.

Have you been to Ireland before?
Fr Claudio – Yes, I spent one month in Drogheda (Diocese of Meath) last year.
Fr Laurence – Yes, I spent 3 weeks in Naas, 3 weeks in Newbridge and 1 month in Duleek (Diocese of Meath) last year also. I enjoyed being in Naas and Newbridge very much.

What are your hobbies?
Fr Laurence – I love soccer and walking in the mountains
Fr Claudio – I also follow soccer and like computers

What are your favourite foods?
Fr Claudio – Potatoes!
Fr Laurence – Irish fish and chips!

We hope people will welcome Fr’s Laurence and Claudio as they join us for the summer and maybe put an extra spud in the pot!