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Preparing for Baptism

The baptism of a child marks a very joyful time in the life of every family and in the life of the local faith community. Every parish is delighted to welcome new members into the family of the Church through baptism and will do its utmost to support parents in preparing for this celebration.

As a child grows and matures, we very much hope that he or she  will grow in faith,  in the loving atmosphere of the home and through the families involvement in the life of the local parish. Every family should know and feel that they are part of a parish – a parish that wants them, a parish where they belong, a parish that welcomes and asks for their participation.

The resources on this page are offered as a way of assisting parents in their preparation for the baptism of their child.  Many parishes in our diocese have Baptism Preparation Teams. If there is one in the parish, a member will be in touch with a family ahead of the baptism to offer support and guidance and to answer any questions.

All families preparing for baptism are invited to take a look at the resources in the links below and have a chat about them together.  In the days ahead of your child’s baptism, and indeed afterwards, you might like to take a moment each day to light a candle and say this prayer, take from the K&L Guide to Baptism:

Loving God, we ask your blessing on our family.
Watch over us and guide us. Make our home a place
of love and safety, a place of peace and joy,
a place where we grow in faith together.