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K&L Choirs for WMOF 2018 – Application Deadline Extended to Tuesday May 22nd!

Important Information about Music and choirs at the
World Meeting of Families 2018

The deadline for receiving applications has been


The information below is also available for downloading and/or printing here.

The application form form can also be downloaded and/or printed.

Please Read before completing an application

Congregational Singing will be a strong feature of all liturgical celebrations at WMOF2018, including the Papal Mass in the Phoenix Park. In choosing music, the Liturgy Committee of WMOF 2018 has prioritised repertoire that maximises congregational involvement

Can I Attend And Sing From Where I Am?
If you and your choir would prefer to travel to WMOF events along with your parish and sing from your place in the congregation, particularly at the Papal Mass, we heartily encourage this. In this case choirs and singers can register in the normal way via the WMOF website.

Music for all the Masses at WMOF 2018 will be made available for download on the WMOF website so that singers and choirs in the congregation can come prepared to any of the Masses of WMOF 2018

There Will Be Three Opportunities to be part of a Choir From Our Diocese

  • The official Opening Liturgy in Carlow Cathedral on Tuesday, August 21
  • The Pastoral Congress Mass in the RDS on Wednesday, August 22
  • Papal Mass in the Phoenix Park on Sunday, August 26. Our diocese has been given an allocation of roughly 230 places in the choir for the Papal Mass (this is further broken down into SATB)

Things To Know And Consider Before Applying For A Place in Any of these Choirs:

  • Applicants should already be part of a local parish choir within the Kildare and Leighlin Diocese and must be 18 or over
  • Mandatory rehearsals for Papal Mass Choir & Pastoral Congress Choir will take place in Carlow Cathedral on the evening of June 19, July 10 & August 16 at 7:30 pm
  • Music will be distributed via email ahead of rehearsals. Singers will be expected to come to rehearsals knowing their lines
  • Applicants should be comfortable singing in parts and have some ability in reading music
  • Every singer offered a place in the choir for the Pastoral Congress and/or Papal Mass will be emailed a link which will enable him/her to register officially with the WMOF2018 Choir [Note: WMOF2018 hope to be able to draw membership of the Pastoral Congress choir from the Papal Mass Choir]
  • Every choir member for the Pastoral Congress and /or Papal Mass will have to undergo Garda Vetting which will be an online process
  • K&L Choir members for the Official Opening Liturgy in the Cathedral will be contacted by email with details and music
  • Therefore, each applicant will have to supply an email address
  • Kildare and Leighlin Diocese will need to communicate with all singers with rehearsal reminders etc. via text so a mobile phone number will be requested
  • Choir members for the Papal Mass will travel as a group to the Phoenix Park on August 26. For safety and security reasons, it will not be possible to meet up with family members before or after this Closing Mass
  • The choir will be shuttled directly into the Phoenix Park from a central point to be in place by 10:30 am. It will be 6 p.m. before the choir will leave the Phoenix Park. This will be a long day!
  • Please note that the WMOF 2018 first preference will be given to applicants who are available to be part of all three choirs.

The Next Step

If you wish to proceed with an application to be part of our allocation of choir seats you need to do the following:

Faith Development Services,
Cathedral Parish Centre,
College St, Carlow

Places will be offered to individuals via email by Friday May 25.

If you do not receive an email, please be aware that a waiting list will apply and that you may still be offered a place at a later date.

This information is available for downloading and/or printing here.

The application form form can also be downloaded and/or printed.