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Midlands 103 piece on the late Fr John Cummins PP, Abbeyleix

Radio station, Midlands 103, produced a piece on the late Fr John Cummins PP, Abbeyleix as part of their “The Open Door” show on Monday 27th February. Fr John can be heard speaking from the beginning.

It describes the impact the sudden passing of Fr John has had on his parishioners in Abbeyleix parish and shows how, in a relatively short period of time Fr John, became an invaluable member of the parish community not just because of his role as Parish Priest but by the very essence of how he interacted with and built relationships with so many people.

Months Mind Masses will be celebrated for Fr John on Saturday 2nd March at 7.30pm in Abbeyleix and Sunday 3rd March at 11am in Carlow Cathedral.

Fr John will also be remembered at all Masses in Newbridge on Saturday 9th and Sudnay 10th of March.