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Message for Confirmation Candidates from Bishop Denis

Bishop Denis has a message for those who are still waiting to celebrate Confirmation and for those who had been confirmed before COVID19 made its presence felt. You can watch the video here.

Teachers will be in touch with the girls and boys in 5th and 6th classes to send them some simple things to work on at home. You download them here.

Bishop Denis is asking them to do a number of things as they continue to get ready for their Confirmation whenever it will eventually happen;

  • Watch the Video and listen to his message;
  • Write him a letter or send him an email
  • Decorate their Front Door for Pentecost
  • Say a Prayer to the Holy Spirit
  • Go to Mass on Livestream for the Feast of Pentecost

If your parish does not have a webcam or livestream facility for Mass you might like to join Bishop Denis for the Vigil Mass in Carlow Cathedral using their webcam:

After the very successful May Altar Campaign we are asking children to take photos of their decorated Front Doors and send them to the Kandle Facebook page, to your school or parish. There will shortly be a video of all the May Altars that we received and you will be able to see it as soon as it is ready.