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K&L Pocket Guide to the Sacrament of Reconciliation

This year, as we celebrate the Year of Mercy, the diocese has issued a guide to the Sacrament of Reconcilation.  It’s an accordion style leaflet that folds up neatly to fit in your  wallet or pocket or purse, easy to find and to use when you choose to celebrate the sacrament of Reconciliation.

The pocket guide was launched by Bishop Denis at the opening of the Jubilee Door in Mountrath on the Second Sunday of Easter, Divine Mercy Sunday. Every parish in the diocese has received a supply so  the guide should be readily available in the local churches.

There are many today who do not see the need for this sacrament in their lives.  We ask you today to think about it again.  There are many who experience this sacrament as a wonderful source of grace and mercy, even if they have few, if any serious sins.  Like all of the sacraments, it’s a source of grace, of healing and of love, from which we can draw in order to show God’s mercy and compassion to our broken world.  We are all of us called to be instruments of mercy.  In this Year of Mercy, Pope Francis reminds us of this continually – he has made it the hallmark of ministry.  We are to be ‘Merciful as the Father’, as the motto for this year puts it.  You can’t give what you haven’t received, so let us find in this year of grace a new place for the sacrament of mercy in our lives, so that we might be more and more ministers of mercy in our families, in our communities, workplaces, in a world which needs the transformation that only mercy can bring.

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