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JPII 2016 K&L Awards Ceremony with Photos

The seventh annual Pope John Paul II Award Ceremony for the Diocese of Kildare and Leighlin took place on Friday 2 December in the Church of the Holy Family, Askea, Carlow. A total of 295 young people from Kildare and Leighlin Diocese received their Pope John Paul II award from Bishop Denis Nulty, Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin.

The 295 young people represented 36 parishes and 27 schools across the diocese, which highlights the widespread uptake of this award. Parishes, schools and the local communities benefit each year from the participants’ involvement with them through their award hours.

The award is based on 50% parish involvement and 50% social awareness volunteering. An array of parish ministries were undertaken during the year as part of the award, many of which will be continued in the years to come, which is one of the central advantages of this award – an ongoing commitment to faith. Part of our celebration of this year’s awards on Friday night was to showcase this involvement and the commitment made by our young people over the past twelve months.

As part of this year’s award ceremony Mr Barry McMahon, Supreme Knight of the Knights of Saint Columbanus delivered an address to the young people and their families.

Approximately 40 of the young people who received their awards were on the diocesan pilgrimage to Kraków for World Youth Day in July with Pope Francis.

The awards presented on the night included 8 bronze, 7 silver, 215 gold and 65 for the papal cross.

The Pope John Paul II Award was created to commemorate Saint John Paul II. The award celebrates those who take an active part in the life of their parish, in the life of their community and in society. For more information about the award, visit or contact Cathriona, Faith Development Services, [email protected]

Photo Gallery JPII Awards Ceremony Dec 2016