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Garda Vetting Forms for Schools

The National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Act 2012 was commenced on 29th April 2016.

The Act provides a legislative basis for the mandatory vetting of persons who wish to undertake certain work or activities relating to children or vulnerable persons or to provide services to children or vulnerable persons.

A relevant organisation (in our case the Diocese) shall not permit any person to undertake relevant work or activities on behalf of the organisation unless the organisation receives a vetting disclosure from the National Vetting Bureau in respect of that person.

The identity of the Applicant must be validated by the Relevant Organisation.

Relevant work is defined as any work or activity which is carried out by a person, a necessary and regular part of which consists mainly of the persons having access to, or contact with, children or vulnerable adults.

The Act shall not apply where a person gives assistance on an occasional basis at a school, sports or community event or activity, other than where such assistance includes the coaching, mentoring, counselling, teaching or training of children or vulnerable persons.

Forms should be sent to Br Camillus Regan, see the checklist for details of what must be attached to the Vetting form.

Please use the following forms when requesting an individual be vetted:

All Vetting applications must be accompanied by this checklist:
K and L Schools Vetting Checklist 2016 with ID Info

If you use email please send in the following Vetting Invitation by post to Br Camillus with the Checklist and you will then receive an email from the National Vetting Bureau to complete the process.
Kildare and Leighlin Schools Vetting Invitation 2016

For those who do not use email please complete the following form.
K and L Schools Vetting Form 2016

The minimum age for vetting is 16, the following should also be used when vetting under 18s:-


ID Guidance for under 18s identification-under-18s