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Diocesan Pilgrimage to Echternach 2017

A group of 60 pilgrims, including 14 girls from Presentation School Band in Carlow, led by Bishop Michael Burrows and Bishop Denis Nulty visited Echternach in Luxembourg from Sunday June 4th to Wednesday June 7th.

There were two very important events during the trip, the presentation of a reliquary from St Willibrord to Bishop Denis Nulty and the participation of the Pilgrims in the annual Hopping Procession which always takes place on the Tuesday after Pentecost.

On Monday night in the Bascillica of Echternach Archbishop Jean-Claude Hollerich handed over a Willibrord reliquary to the Cathedral of Carlow.

Click on the picture below to see some photographs with the presentation of the reliquary.

Some of the Carlow Pilgrims

It was our very great honour to participate in the procession on Tuesday morning after Mass and to be led by our own band. The century’s old hopping procession, which has received UNESCO World Heritage Status, sees approximately ten thousand people gently hop from one foot to the other through the medieval streets of Echternach. In bad weather conditions a total of 8,282 jumpers, prayers, musicians and prelates took part in the procession to the tomb of St. Willibrord.

Click of the following photograph of the ‘Hopping Procession 2017’

Mass 1

In addition there was some coverage on the national television station in Luxembourg as follows:

We look forward to joining a group of 30 travelling from Luxembourg to on the weekend of June 22nd to 25th. See the following for more information:-

Some background information on St Willibrord