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COVID-19 Diocesan Update, 22.4.2020

COVID-19 Diocesan Update:

First Holy Communion & Confirmation: I am very aware that we are entering the ‘high season’ for First Holy Communion ceremonies. I am also conscious that 39 out of our 56 parishes have not yet celebrated Confirmation. In honesty it is difficult to see a huge change post the current restrictions, which expire on May 5th. With that in mind, as First Holy Communion ceremonies are already diaried for the weekends of May, I suggest they, like Confirmation ceremonies are now postponed until we get further guidance regarding large public gatherings.
I want to thank our Principals and teachers for the great work they do in helping prepare our young people for the sacraments, work done in cooperation with the local parish and the families of the young people. I also thank Maeve Mahon, our Coordinator for Primary Education. This is a hugely regretful decision but it is important that while the ceremonies may be postponed, the preparation continues. In early May resources will be sent out by email from Maeve for parishes and for schools and available to families and the wider community on the kandle website.

Churches: It is very much my hope that when the current level of restrictions lift it may be possible to offer limited access to our churches, so that parishioners might be able to call in to pray or light a candle. Obviously social distancing would need to be observed, and plenty of hand sanitisers available. More on this after the current restrictions expire on May 5th.

ACCORD Relationship Support Line: I strongly encourage the promotion of a support line organised by Accord CLG. The support line is set up to help support marriage and relationships in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. The experience for many couples is that of tension, stress and arguments and this support from Accord will greatly ease those situations. It will be staffed by experienced couples and relationship counsellors. It is a free service but calls are charged at a local rate. The support line is open from 9.00am – 8.00pm Monday to Friday. The number is: 01 531 3331

Every blessing for Eastertide,
Wednesday 22 April 2020