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Confirmation 2024 – This Little Light of Mine

Bishop Denis has recorded this short video to introduce the theme, “This Little Light of Mine”, to the Confirmation Candidates.

The Confirmation Challenge:

As part of the preparation Bishop Denis is issuing a challenge to all the girls and boys who are preparing for Confirmation in the coming months:

  1. He wants each class to think of something that they can do, something that they can leave behind them in the school or parish community to show how they let their light shine as they prepared for their Confirmation.
  2. Once they have completed the challenge, he wants them to take a photo and write about what they have done (100 words) and send it to him with their Confirmation Letters.
  3. The class should then nominate someone who will stand up on the day of Confirmation and tell everyone about what they have done.
  4. He wants this to happen in every parish whether or not he is presiding at Confirmation.

We want to thank the Newbridge Gospel Choir, Newbridge Parish, Charlotte Vard and Fr David Vard for their help and support in creating this video.

Below is the list of Confirmations being celebrated by Bishop Nulty in 2024 along with the guidelines and planning sheet to assist parishes & schools in their preparation for the sacrament.