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Clane-Rathcoffey Parish to support a Syrian family

A group from Clane and Rathcoffey have come together to support a family from Syria through a project called “Community Sponsorship Programme”. Through this project – which is supported by the Irish Government – local communities commit their efforts to resettling a family from Syria within their area.

As part of the resettlement project, we will welcome the Syrian family by supporting them in establishing their home in our community and providing them with the friendship and emotional support they need for their first two years in Ireland.

In launching our project in Clane and Rathcoffey, we are following in the footsteps of other Irish communities that have welcomed families from war-torn Syria.

The idea of “Community Sponsorship” for families from Syria, which was started in Canada in the 1979, has won praise from many refugee groups in assisting local communities to sponsor and support Syrian families.

Our group is made up of people with expertise in education, law, parish and community affairs, property, local government and healthcare – a good foundation for ensuring that the family can access a wide range of support to help make our community their new home.

In addition to those already participating in the planning of the project, we hope to draw on the goodwill and expertise of many in our local community to welcome such a family to live among us.  This will help us to support them in practical ways over the next two years to enable them to reach a stage where they can live and work independently.

Throughout the project we will be working closely with the Irish Refugee Council, which is supported by the Government to help local communities like ourselves.

As part of the project, we hope to raise €8,000 to €10,000 to help defray expenses that our family will incur for their education, childcare, medical and other social supports over the first two years in Ireland.  To that end, we plan to hold a local fundraiser (Church gate collection) through the parish on 15th & 16th June. All funds will be lodged in a specially designated account at Croí Laighean Credit Union in Clane.

If you wish, any member of our co-ordinating group would be delighted to meet with you to discuss this project in greater detail; we also welcome any suggestions you may have for the project. Please contact Fr Paul O’Boyle at 045 868 249 for further information about the programme. Information about the Community Sponsorship Programme is also available through the Irish Refugee Council at

You may donate by forwarding a cheque payable to Clane Rathcoffey Community Sponsorship Programme to Fr Paul O’Boyle (Parochial House, Prosperous Road, Clane, County Kildare) or by electronic fund transfer payment to:

Account Name: C and R Community Sponsorship Programme
Account Number: 25675
IBAN: IE23EDCN99104209879082

Some Frequently Asked Questions available here