All are welcome to attend the annual Chrism Mass in Carlow Cathedral on Wednesday 8th April at 7.30pm. The diocesan choir will be singing at the Mass. ambry

The above shows the ambry in Carlow Cathedral were the Holy Oils are stored.

Chrism Mass 8th April 7.30pm

The Chrism Mass is a special Holy Week ceremony that takes place in every diocese – usually on Holy Thursday. However it is permitted to celebrate the Chrism Mass on a different day shortly before Holy Thursday. It is the practice in this diocese for the Chrism Mass to be celebrated on the previous evening – as it allows for a fuller attendance and facilitates the diocesan choir.

The Chrism Mass is the only Mass that is allowed to be celebrated on Holy Thursday morning. All parishes will have the celebration of the Mass of the Lord’s Supper in the evening.

Chrism Mass Liturgy

There are two key elements to the Chrism Mass

1. Blessing of Oils

During the Mass, the bishop will bless the oils that will be used in the celebration of the sacraments throughout the diocese in the coming year.

These oils are –

  • the oil of catechumens – used in the celebration of baptism for the anointing of candidates for baptism
  • the oil of the sick – used in the celebration of the sacrament of the anointing of the sick, when the priest anoints the hands and head of the sick person
  • Chrism – the sacred oil of chrism which is used during baptism, confirmation, the ordination of priests (and also during the ceremony for the consecration of altars). Hence the term ‘Chrism Mass’.

The newly blessed oils are distributed to parish representatives after the Mass and can become part of the liturgy in the parish on the evening of Holy Thursday.

2. Renewal of Ordination vows

During the Chrism Mass, the priests of the diocese renew their ordination vows and all present offer prayers for their ministry.

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