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Change in the number of people allowed at funerals

In recent days, An Taoiseach, Mr Micheál Martin, wrote to church leaders concerning the re-opening of churches for public worship. It offers all of us great hope that the re-opening of churches will be given “careful and positive consideration” at government discussions next week on the easing of restrictions in May.

In advance of the re-opening of churches, the number of people allowed to attend funeral services is being increased from 10 to 25 from Monday (April 26). This greater number, although still small, will provide additional and much needed support to bereaved families. Thank you for your help with funerals through this very challenging time of the pandemic.

As I said at the Chrism Mass “the re-opening of our churches will not simply be the flicking on of lights and opening of doors, it will take time and we must do it gradually, cautiously and carefully”. Now is the time to ensure your church is ready for such a re-opening whenever that may be e.g.: sanitisers in place, signage, and other appropriate measures. It is critical to re-engage with local parish stewards and volunteers who were so helpful at the last re-opening.