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Bishop Denis on his first Ad Limina Visit

The Ad Limina visit was a splendid experience for me. I saw how the church operated on a global level and yet how much interest there is of what is happening at a local level.
The meetings with the various dicasteries were very beneficial and I thank all of you who were involved in the preparation of the Ad Limina report which was of great help to me.
The visit with Pope Francis was a highlight particularly witnessing his model of interaction with all of us. For me he showed himself as a profound listener who respected the youngest in the room as much as he respected the most senior. He spoke of the apostleship of the ear and how the Bishops must use their heads, hands and heart.

The challenges remain high for all of us and I look forward to unpacking the gospel with all of you as 2017 continues to unfold.

Thanks & blessings to all,
Bishop Denis

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