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Advent 2016 – Resources for Schools

Getting Ready to Welcome Jesus, our Saviour
We all have our favourite traditions as we get ready for Christmas. Families have rituals surrounding writing letters to Santa, choosing and putting up the Christmas tree, the buying, wrapping and placing of presents, the making of the Christmas pudding; the list could go on and on.

As Christians we also have traditions and rituals that help us to think about the real reason that we celebrate Christmas. The season of Advent helps us to get ready to welcome Jesus, the Son of God, and our Saviour. The following are some of the ways that we can help the students in our classroom focus on what Christmas is really about. These are based on the concepts and knowledge outlined by the Catholic Pre-School and Primary Religious Education Curriculum for Ireland. This year the resources are mainly targeted at Levels 3 and 4 as the other two levels will be teaching about Advent from the new religious education programme Grow in Love . There are some resources about the Advent wreath and the Crib offered for Levels 1 and 2 and there are many other resources available in the Advent material from previous years which can be accessed here:

For ease of use the resources are divided into the following areas

Advent in Curriculum for Level 3 and 4       (Teacher Resource)
Your Prayer Space in Advent                      (Teacher Resource)
Important Dates in Advent 2016            (Teacher and Student Resources)
The Advent Wreath                   (Teacher and Student Resource: All Levels)
Blessing of Advent Wreaths at an Assembly              (Teacher Resource)
Prayers for Lighting the Advent Candles                    (Teacher Resource)
Advent Calendar 2016                                              (Levels 2-4)
Advent Calendar Activity                                           (Level 3)
The Liturgical Year                                          (Teacher and Student Resources: Level 3 & 4)
The Jesse Tree                                               (Teacher and Student Resources: Level 4)
The Crib                                                         (Teacher and Student Resource: All Levels)
Angels We have Heard on High                       (Teacher and Student Resources: Level 4)
St Andrew                                                      (Teacher and Student Resource: Level 4)
Feast of St Lucy                                              (Teacher and Student Resource Levels 3 & 4)
Feasts of Our Lady in Advent                           (Teacher and Student Resource Level 4)
Titles for Jesus                                                (Teacher and Student Resource Levels 3 & 4)