A series of evaluation evenings are taking place across the diocese on ‘You shall be my Witnesses’ which is our new parish based preparation programme for confirmation. You can complete an on-line evaluation.


Evaluation evenings

Click on link to download PDF of schedule of evaluation evenings

‘You Shall Be My Witnesses’, A Parish Preparation Programme for Confirmation was offered to all the parishes of the diocese this year. Any new parish preparation programme brings much work and the time and effort that was spent in introducing it to the parents and candidates for Confirmation is really appreciated. Thirty four parishes in our own diocese used the programme this year, which is a fantastic response for the first time out. It was also used in thirteen parishes in other parts of the country.

The programme was still considered to be a pilot process this year. The Evaluation Forms that are to be filled in by the Candidates and the Leaders will be a great help in helping to gauge the suitability of the material offered. Please send these back to the Faith Development Services Office as soon as possible.

It would also be very helpful to meet some of the Leaders and Parish Team Members who were involved. The purpose of these meetings would be to evaluate the process of preparation and training of leaders and of course the programme material itself. It is proposed to hold a number of evaluation meetings across the diocese with as many leaders and parish team members as possible in attendance.

If the date and venue suggested for your parish does not suit please feel free to attend an alternative meeting.

On-line Evaluation Form

All leaders of the parish-based preparation for Confirmation, ‘You Shall Be My Witnesses’, are invited to complete an on-line evaluation form. (The results are automatically collected).

The information received will help us in shaping the best possible programme for our Confirmation candidates.

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More information

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