In response to the need for a Catechism that was youth friendly a group of writers came together to devise a basic text based the Catechism of the Catholic Church. They spent two summer camps discussing the text with a total of 50 young people. YOUCAT came into being based on the everyday practice of the faith of young people. This is what makes it so valuable.

Based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church it is written for and by young people who want to know what they believe.

YOUCAT is full of quotations, references and explanations that help the reader to understand the statements of the Church.

Pope Benedict XVI supported the project right from the beginning. He personally wrote a preface, with a heartfelt recommendation of this book for young people.

The official YOUCAT website is

Through the website young Catholics from all over the world can come together and exchange ideas creatively about their faith.

Check out the above website for ideas on how to use YOUCAT with young people in your parish for the Year of Faith.

Consider setting up a STUDY GROUP in your area for young people to come together to:

  • Know
  •  Share
  •  Meet
  •  Express Faith

At World Youth Day in Madrid August 2011 all pilgrims received a copy of YOUCAT as a personal gift from Pope Benedict XVI. The book is widely available online and in bookshops and an e-version is downloadable from