About sixty of the K&L WYD pilgrims accepted the invitation to the Diocesan reunion in Glendalough on Sunday October 5th. (Gallery included).

The afternoon session was facilitated by Roddy Geoghgan, and was a spiritual journey of reflection and prayer, music and friendship. The weather was extremely friendly to the group, and we really saw the beauty of Glendalough in the early autumn, with October sunshine as we walked along the route.

The journey through the Monastic City, spending some time at the Round Tower, in the Cathedral and St Kevin’s Church, gave the group a chance to hear some of the history of the area, and to spend a little time in contemplation of the timelessness of our faith. As we continued the walk along the Green Road, some of the memories of the walks in Australia and Rome surfaced, and the spirit of world youth day was recaptured for us.

Bishop Jim joined the group in St Kevin’s Parish Church, where we celebrated Eucharist together. Fr Kevin Doran of St Kevin’s Parish in Glendalough met the group and outlined a little of the history of the church for the group, and we thank him very sincerely for his hospitality.

After Mass, all of the pilgrims enjoyed a meal together in the Glendalough Hotel!