– Firm in the Faith

Firm in the faith

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Click to download the words, score and music sheets (English version available soon)

The World Youth Day hymn was released on the eve of the Feast of the Virgin of Almudena (the patroness of Madrid).

“Firm in the Faith,” the title of the song, was performed by the Youth Orchestra of the Community of Madrid and the Youth Choir of the Escolanía de El Escorial. Both groups have participated in the taping of the hymn, which will be distributed starting November 19th. 
The hymn will accompany the youth in the preparation and celebration of the WYD in Madrid.

It is based on the text from the Apostle St. Paul, “Planted and built up in Jesus Christ, firm in the faith,” chosen by the Holy Father as the theme for WYD Madrid 2011.

The hymn has seven verses, and the chorus says (translated from Spanish):

Firm in the faith, we walk in Christ,

Glory always to Him! Glory always to Him!

We walk in Christ firm in the faith.

The author of the lyrics is Msgr. César Franco, general coordinator of WYD and auxiliary bishop of Madrid. For the author, “the verses demonstrate the Humanity of Christ in the traditional Spanish mystical style, and aim to bring that Humanity closer to the young people.”

Fr. Enrique Vázquez, a priest and religious music composer, was in charge ofcomposing the music. Fr. Váquez says, “the first challenge was to think of a melody that would help to understand, sing, and pray the text,” as he describes the composition process. Fr. Vázquez has pointed out, “the verses begin with a more lyrical character which reflect the amazement, admiration, and gratefulness to the Person and work of Our Lord.”

The piece has been taped in three versions: one liturgical, on instrumental (for large choirs), and a popular version to be accompanied by a guitar.

The three versions are available for free on the official WYD website.

A music video of the hymn in a multi-language version will be distributed later on.