Do not Throw out your Books!

Those using ‘You Shall Be My Witnesses, a Parish –Based Preparation Programme for Confirmation’ will be aware that a revised edition of the programme was due to be published for use in 2012/2013.

The revision was necessary because of the changes to the text of the Creed which is core to the work of Session

It has now emerged that changes are being made to the Rite of Confirmation and that the revised texts are currently being circulated for comment. These changes will impact on the ceremony of Confirmation but will also necessitate revisions to some of the prayers and activities of You Shall Be Witnesses. Therefore, it has been decided to postpone the publication of the revised edition of You Shall Be My Witnesses for a least one more year. This means that parishes can continue to use the books that they have previously purchased and the Inserts provided this year for Week 2 will be used again for the coming year.

Extra copies of the Inserts will be made available by Veritas if necessary. This is obviously good news for parishes from a financial perspective and the feedback has indicated that the Inserts worked quite well.