You Shall Be My Witnesses

A Parish-Based Programme of Preparation for Confirmation

‘You Shall Be My Witnesses’ is a parish-based preparation programme for Confirmation developed in the diocese of Kildare & Leighlin by Maeve Mahon.


The programme is designed to offer resources to members of the parish team that will enable them to encourage, challenge and invite parents and the wider parish community to become more actively involved in the preparation for Confirmation. The programme offers parents and members of the wider parish community the opportunity to share their faith with the candidates and hopefully create a space where all can learn from each other.


Over five sessions ‘You Shall Be My Witnesses’ explores the themes of belonging, believing, being, becoming and beginning again. Each of these sessions is conducted by two leaders working with a small group of eight to ten candidates. Ideally both leaders will be drawn from the parents of the Confirmation class. If it is not possible to get two parent leaders then the second leader can be drawn from any of the following groups;

  • parents/guardians of the candidates
  • sponsors
  • the parish community
  • young adults (World Youth Day Volunteers)

Training for the leaders is essential. Guidelines and material for the training session are offered as part of the programme.
The first four sessions take place before the celebration of Confirmation and the fifth session takes place after the celebration is over. This is an attempt to reinforce the idea that we are not simply preparing for a one day event but that Confirmation begins a new journey as a full member of the Church.

Each of the five sessions will last approximately one hour.


The resources needed for the programme are as follows:

  • Coordinator’s Book
  • Leader’s Book
  • Material for Candidates
  • Enrolment Leaflet
  • My Confirmation Journal
  • Weekly Newsletters for Parents
  • Commitment Scroll
  • Completion Certificate

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