What in the World? programme on RTE investigates the human consequences of global political and economic inequalities and human rights violations by focusing on people’s everyday lives. Series 4 was filmed on location in Columbia, Laos, Mali, Mongolia, Niger & Paraguay and it returns to RTE 1 on Thursday 11th June at 11.05pm.



Miriam Gormally met up with Peadar King one of the producers of What in the World? She began by asking Peadar how it all started?


Programme 2 – Message from the River

18th June 2009 11.05pm

Within Mali, the Bozo people are regarded as loud, colourful and gregarious. Nomadic fishermen, they move with the fish pulling into ports as they trade their fish for other basic staples.

But their way of life is under threat. River levels are dropping. And that has huge consequences, not just for the Bozo people, but for the 12 million population of the country – most of whom depend on the river for survival. Even the legendary city of Timbuktu is affected. The river once ran through this the city now it is just a dry river bed. Year on year, the desert inches its way forward.