A group of young people have launched a website dedicated to the early followers of Jesus – www.earlychristians.org – who they believe can be an inspiration for our times.

Click on the following link to visit the website www.earlychristians.org

Video transcript

Although the first Christians lived centuries ago, many feel that their example can help people in the 21st century. To illustrate this, a group of young people have launched a website dedicated to the early followers of Jesus. The website is earlychristians.org

(Juan Carlos Carrillo)
The first Christians faced paganism, and today we face neo-paganism. We believe that the virtues of the first Christians should be reflected today as well, for example, courage… being a coherent Christian in social life.

Although many of the early Christians were martyrs, not all of them suffered from violent religious persecution. Many of them lived like other ordinary citizens of their day, while opposing pagan customs that offended their faith.

(Angelo Porciuncula)
Both of them, the early Christians and the Modern day Christians, try to follow Christ, for their daily ordinary normal lives, and I think that by going through the lives of the early Christians, we can get something and we can live Christian lives better.

Angelo is the author of the English version of the website. Through their efforts, anyone can find also in English biographies of the early Christians, the trials of martyrs, a chronology of the first centuries of Christianity, or the catecheses of the pope about the apostles and the early Christians.

(Angelo Porciuncula)
We wanted to reach everyone, but its good that young people are finding out about it and they are spreading the website, asking their freinds to sign up.

(Juan Carlos Carrillo)
Its interesting to see how people respond, and appreciate the novelty. Theyll say something to you or ask for more information. Some people say, could you look into this more? So we take into account these requests.

Behind the small group of authors is a group of professors from the University of Navarra in Spain, who advise them so that the published content is consistent with the life and spirit of the early Christians. Hundreds of interesting lives and places, only a mouseclick away for anyone with a computer.