In this podcast Martina McTague from Viatores Christi discusses why people should consider working with Viatores Christi and their lay missionary preparatory programme.

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How It All Began

Viatores Christi initially grew from among a group of UCD students who were members of the Legion of Mary who had participated in holiday volunteer work. Viatores Christi aims to respond to needs overseas by giving people an opportunity to share their lives (skills, profession/trade) and witness to their faith in another culture.

Lay Missionary Preparatory Programme

In order to become a VC volunteer, it is first necessary to attend an information session and subsequently the lay missionary preparatory programme. This programme is recommended for any person who is considering overseas development work.

The programme is a series of six weekend workshops, delivered once a month over a six month period. Experienced professionals, some of whom have spent time working on the missions/overseas, facilitate the workshops Trainees are gradually enabled to make a more informed decision as to whether or not overseas work is the option for them. They become better informed about the actual reality of working as a lay missionary development worker.

Schedule of programmes for 2009/2010

Challenge Committment & Conflict 11 – 13 September 2009

Cultural Adaptation 16 – 18 October 2009

Health 13 -15 November 2009

Mission 11 – 13 December 2009

Global Awareness 15 – 17 January 2010

Community Development 12 – 14 February 2010

Contact Viatores Christi

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