In this video report, we hear from Miguel Diaz, a Cuban-American theologian now appointed by President Obama as U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See.


U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See Miguel Diaz


Meet Miguel Diaz. The Cuban-American theologian-turned U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See has only been on the job for a little over a month, but after presenting his credentials to the pope he went straight to work.

Miguel Diaz, U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See:

Among the first things that I’ve done as ambassador has been just this past month, in October we hosted an international conference on the prevention and care of children that suffer from HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. This is something that fits within our overall goals in terms of the diplomatic relations.

Diplomatic relations that revolve around six main issues that include the fight against human trafficking, world hunger and the promotion of religious freedom.

Ambassador Diaz also hopes to have a hand in building bridges in an area the Church is especially active in.

The area of inter-religious dialogue, for instance, is something that is very much part of some of my interests as a result of own background. So, I bring that as a new possibility to the table to engage in this important relationship with the Holy See that has now been officially in place for 25 years.

Being ambassador to the Holy See, however, comes with challenges. Diaz admits that building diplomatic relations is not always easy.

But he is committed to bridge-building in the spirit of one of the Obama administrations cornerstones: learning and listening to others in efforts to strengthen diplomatic relationships.

At the time when my tenure is done I hope that it can be said that this was a time when the Holy See engaged the Vatican as a wonderful listening post around the world. Was able to learn from various persons in various communities around the world and was able to engage them on the difficult issues and challenges that face us as a world, as a nation. And certainly, I think that among those issues inter-religious dialogue will be at the forefront of my tenure.

A tenure the new ambassador hopes continues to be characterized by a sense of positive and constructive relations among the U.S. and the Holy See.