The Trocaire website now has a new look which is hoped will give users of the site better access to the latest information and media from Trocaire.


Trocaire’s new website has our supporters at its heart. It is designed to give prominence to the online tasks that are most popular with our supporters so that they can complete them in a more simple and visual way. This means that visitors can easily find and access the information and tasks they need. For example, at the moment through the large sliding images across the top of the homepage, people can make a donation to our East Africa appeal and find out the latest about the situation, while teachers can download education resources for their classroom, among other popular tasks. These are both items of high interest for people visiting the site.

One of the biggest improvements can be seen in our blog section ( which now features more visual content from all areas of our work and gives an overview of the organisation’s current activities in a single place online.

We have also put more focus on video, imagery and multimedia, which readily show what we do with the donations and support we gratefully receive. Video now has a large permanent space on the homepage alongside sharing and social media tools such as Facebook. We will be posting regular videos of our work overseas, so that our generous supporters can see our work in action.

In terms of content, our new approach is one of quality over quantity and the realisation that less is more. Each visitor spends an average of just 3 mins 10 secs on our website, so we’ve made the content short, accessible, visual and supportive of the most popular tasks, so visitors can easily do what they have come to the website to do. Posting quality content that supports our visitors needs and that is easily found when on our website will ensure that our site is streamlined and easy for our supporters to use.