A research project is currently underway to gather feedback from parishes on Trócaire’s Lenten campaign and communications with all parishes.


Researchers look at Trócaire’s Lent campaign

source – www.trocaire.org

The Bishops’ Council for Research & Development is currently working with Trócaire to gather feedback from parishes. The focus of this research is the Lenten campaign and Trócaire’s work and communications with all parishes. A survey questionnaire is being distributed to priests and parishes island-wide and the key is to receive as many completed questionnaires as possible.

In a survey like this, the more responses received, the better the quality of the data that can be used. It is hoped that all of those parishes in receipt of this questionnaire will take some time to complete it and return it as soon as possible. This is a good time to reflect upon the Lenten campaign in preparation for next year.

Working with the development agency’s Fundraising and Marketing team, Eoin O’Mahony, Social Researcher, has carried out a small number of focus groups around the country. These focus groups talked with parishioners about a range of topics such as what they like and dislike about the Lenten campaign and what kind of feedback or assistance they would like to receive from Trócaire when the campaign is over . The people brought together talked about how they view Trócaire as an organisation, their current relationship with Trócaire, and any suggestions for new ways to work together in the future. The content of the discussion has helped to compile this survey questionnaire.

Speaking about the focus group experience, Eoin O’Mahony, Social Researcher at the Bishops’ Council for Research and Development, said

“What parishioners talked about in the groups has influenced how the questionnaire is designed. We wanted to know what people felt was the best way for Trócaire to communicate its ideas to people who contribute at Lent. There is considerable effort put into the Lenten campaign in parishes and Trócaire is interested in providing more feedback to people in parishes about its work. This project will help to determine what kind of feedback is most useful for Trócaire’s stakeholders, what parishes do when Lent arrives, how Trócaire boxes are distributed, and in what ways people use the Parish Resources they may receive.”