Livestream to Primary schools

 Watch live at 11.50am next Thursday here at or later on demand

  • On Thursday morning c. 11.45am the livestream archive above will be replaced with a player with the livestream showing a countdown clock to our live broadcast at 11.50am
  • In a new development, for PC users you will be able to choose between a HIGH RES or LOW RES stream to allow for different broadband strengths.
  • As always we advise that you download the latest versions of your chosen browser.  We recommend either Firefox or Chrome.  You might also check that your Flash Media Player is updated.
  • For iPad and iPhone users, you can now connect to our livestream on those devices.

Trócaire Lent Campaign

This year’s Trócaire Lent Campaign is about the global water crisis. Drier climates across sub-Saharan Africa are leaving communities struggling without enough water for drinking, sanitation and growing food.
Enestina (9) is the girl on this year’s Trócaire Box. She comes from a small community in rural Malawi that has relied on a polluted river for drinking and washing for many years. The community depends on the unpredictable rains to water their crops, meaning they never know what food they can produce. Trócaire is working to change this.
For children like Enestina, access to water means better health, more nutritious food and more time in school.