How is Trócaire responding to the disaster?

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Our priority is saving lives, then giving shelter, food and cooking equipment, clean water and sanitation to the survivors that lost their homes. Trócaire has been here since the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 and we are ready to respond with our local partners once we can access Padang. We have pledged 250,000 to the response.

We need the public to support our appeal for funds to help people whose lives have been shattered here.

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Who is Trócaire working with in Indonesia?

Ibu Foundation:

Ibu Foundation is an organisation well established in responding to disasters in Indonesia. They have teams of volunteers and trained medics in many locations across the archipelago, and are therefore able to respond immediately when disaster strikes. Fortunately, they were able to access Padang as soon as the earthquake struck and have been providing vital support as well as information to humanitarian organisations and others trying to gain access to provide relief.

Trocaire has partnered with Ibu Foundation to support communities in South Aceh, who were devastated by the 2004 Tsunami, to be better prepared for and protected against future disasters. Trocaire staff will be linking with Ibu Foundation today in Padang to make an informed assessment of what is required to meet the needs of the victims of the Sumatra earthquake, so as to build an appropriate, coordinated and life saving relief response.

Karina (Caritas Indonesia)

Trocaire staff are accompanying Karina on an assessment trip to Padang to ascertain how best to make an effective contribution to the alleviation of suffering currently being endured by the people of Padang and surrounds.

Following the 2004 Tsunami Trocaire, along with other Caritas members supported the formation of an Indonesian national Caritas organisation.

Trocaire has worked closely alongside Karina (Caritas Indonesia) to establish itself as a fully operational disaster response agency of the Church. Since the Tsunami Karina has been responding to the varied large scale disasters which have struck Indonesia. Currently,


Kogami is a Trocaire partner organisation working in Padang, West Sumatra, which is a region in Indonesia highly prone to seismic activity and therefore natural disaster. For the past year Trocaire has been working directly with Kogami to raise awareness among school children about how to be prepared and to deal with disasters. Through these activities schools have created their own mini disaster response teams, who take on ensuring that fellow students are aware of the dangers and hazards and how best to be prepared. School children are trained in first aid and participate in drill exercises for this purpose. Recently, Trocaire sponsored a camp event in which many schools from the Padang area competed on their knowledge of disasters and other preparedness skills. The camp was set up to encourage children to learn life saving skills in a fun and informal setting. Kogami also works closely with local media and government to ensure that accurate information is shared with the public and to support the government to respond appropriately to disaster. Currently, as phone lines have been down, direct contact with Kogami has not been possible though we have heard through other sources that they have had to move offices. Today Trocaire staff will be in Padang to meet with Kogami and see first hand how their situation is.