Trócaire is once again promoting a range of ‘global gifts’ for Christmas – including a gift of an olive tree for Palestinian farmers.

Our diocese has worked closely with Trócaire on our Christmas REACH OUT project – which features 45,000 olive wood decorations from Bethlehem.

Global Gift 2008 TV Ad from Tr�caire on Vimeo.

Global Gifts

When you buy a Global Gift, a family or community overseas will receive the gift you have purchased. Trócaire will then send you a gift pack within one working day. Inside, you will find an illustrated card and a beautifully illustrated gift certificate to send to whomever you wish.

Gift of an Olive Tree

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Israel’s occupation of Palestine has destroyed ancient olive groves in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and denies many olive farmers access to their land.

Apart from being a symbol of peace, olive trees are one of the most valuable sources of income for Palestinians. Your gift of olive trees will help change the world by giving Palestinians an income for generations to come.

Your gift will help farmers like Johnny Atkik to make a living

Five years ago Johnny Atkik had a bustling farm in north Bethlehem, in the West Bank of the Occupied Palestinian Territory. Olive trees were his main source of income.

In 2002 the Israeli army came onto his land and bulldozed 200 of his olive trees. They built a huge military fence, cutting him off from most of his farm.

He lost almost 70% of his income. Last year he received the gift of olive trees from Trócaire, as well as our support to rebuild his livelihood as much as possible with the land he has left.

As part of the olive tree programme, Israeli and international volunteers come together to help the Palestinian farmers with the harvest. In this way, your Global Gift encourages reconciliation and understanding, and helps the harvest to go peacefully.