Today FM’s Ray D’Arcy shows how people in Bolivia have been helped by Trocaire’s fast supporters.

Trocaire Fast 4-5 March 2010

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Trocaire is asking people to get sponsorship for a special ‘fast’ in March – what you give up is up to you.

It might be abstaining from food, texting, talking, music etc.

Supporter Shay Given

I am delighted to support Trocaires Fast campaign this year. I grew up learning about Trocaire and the terrific work it does in many of the worlds poorest countries. Its great to be in a position to be able to help Trcaires efforts in some small way.

We all have pressures and problems here at home and its difficult sometimes to think of those who are less well off. Millions of people around the world have very little or nothing when compared to us. I would encourage people to Give it up for Trocaire this year and help make a difference to the lives of people in the developing world.
Shay Given


Trocaire is the offical overseas development agency of the Catholic Church in Ireland. It is a member of two international networks of Catholic development agencies