Learn about the 2011 Trócaire Lenten campaign and its focus on Honduras.  Watch a video of a recent visit to Honduras by some Trócaire Diocesan Representatives.

In January 2011, seven Trócaire Diocesan Representatives and Francis Cousins (editor of Intercom) travelled to Honduras with Trócaire staff in preparation for the 2011 Lenten campaign.  In this video, narrated by Fr Padraig Shelley, we see how Trócaire funds are making a real difference in Honduras.

Focus on Honduras

This year’s Lenten campaign illustrates how poverty in northern Honduras makes people vulnerable and invisible, forcing them to live in fear and in danger.

In the community of La Confianza, home of Digna Portilla, the little girl featured on this year’s Trócaire box, families are risking everything for the right to own enough land to earn a decent living. While much of the country’s land is the property of a few wealthy landowners, Trócaire is helping the community challenge the government for ownership of the land.

Reflecting on this year’s campaign, Trócaire director, Justin Kilcullen  said –

“Everyone in La Confianza is painfully aware of how vulnerable they are. In December little Digna and her family were held at gunpoint and threatened. If a poor landless farmer is murdered by hired guards there will be no national outcry, no state investigation, no prosecution and no justice. Trócaire has already helped 62,000 families in Honduras get legal title to their land. This Lent, your support will help other communities find justice. Together, we can change things for the better.”


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€250 million raised through the Trócaire box

Over almost four decades Irish people have transformed the lives of thousands of the world’s poorest people by contributing over €250 million through the Trócaire box during Lent.

Launching the 2011 campaign, Trocaire Director Justin Kilcullen praised the unceasing generosity of the Irish public over the years.

“Through recession and bad times, even when people here had very little, they stood by the people of the developing world and they are still doing so today”.

“The Trócaire box – an Irish icon – is filled with hope, dignity and pride. Every penny, shilling, pound and Euro put into our little box over the last 38 years has travelled the world giving the poor a voice and a new lease on life”

Mr Kilcullen thanked the Irish people for their magnificent support over the years.

“The power of the change you put in the box can be seen in many countries. In tiny, forgotten communities, farmers’ crops are flourishing, parents now earn a dignified living, the potential of women is being unlocked and children have a bright future to enjoy. You’ve given people freedom from hunger, from want, from injustice, and you’ve given them hope. “

However, Mr Kilcullen said the need is still great as the number of those who die each day because of poverty would fill the Aviva Stadium.

“It’s a scandal that poverty steals 50,000 lives each and every day. It’s not acceptable and Trócaire won’t accept it”.