Trócaire has received almost €15 million in donations through church appeals in 2010, including €750,000 from our diocese.

Kildare and Leighlin contribution to Trocaire in 2010

So far the diocese has forwarded over €725,000 for the Lenten Collection and in special appeals for Haiti and Pakistan.

National Collections

In a press release following their October meeting, the Irish Bishops commented –

“In these very difficult economic times for Irish people we are humbled and so appreciative of this extraordinary gesture of support for Trócaire’s life-saving work. To date in 2010 Trócaire has undertaken awareness and church fund raising campaigns arising from the emergency response due to the earthquake in Haiti in January, the Lenten campaign and the floods in Pakistan in August. This support for Trócaire’s mission makes a real difference to the lives of so many of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable. Trócaire’s work is underpinned by Catholic social teaching which seeks to achieve a more equitable world for all people.”

“Especially at this time we acknowledge the incredible generosity of everyone who supported these Trócaire campaigns. These donations are being used to help people secure enough food to eat, to tend their land and grow crops, to deliver their children safely and send them to school. Donations support communities that are struggling to hold their governments to account and those whose human rights are being violated. They help those who are marginalised because they are HIV positive and those who struggle to feed their families because climate change has wiped out their crops. They help empower women to prevent them being treated as second class citizens in their homes and by their governments.”

“In major emergencies, Trócaire works through the Catholic Church network Caritas, the world’ s second largest humanitarian network, to save lives and provide relief. Through its offices in Pakistan and Haiti, Trócaire is working to rebuild the lives of those who are suffering. Its work would not be possible without the support of parishes, clergy, communities and individuals all across Ireland. Thank you to each and all.”