Kilcock and Newtown Parish have recently published the Christmas Edition of their Parish Newsletter. One of the articles, ‘The Gurgle of God at Christmas’ is available to read online.


The gurgle of God at Christmas

In 2008 we hear again the ancient story of Christmas. It is ever old, ever new. Each year we re-tell the drama of God’s entrance into our broken world. Through the birth of a child, we are moved by God’s capacity to surprise us with love.

God made the choice to break the silence of the ages. He gave himself away in a Word. This Word took flesh in Mary’s womb. Like all flesh He was born as a fragile bundle of new life. The mystery of God was concentrated in a child. The God who lived in the highest heavens was moving to a new address. The Christmas Story we hear each year may be the same, but we are different. Our world is different. Our memories have grown, our hopes have been tested, our love has been called on in new ways. But no matter what changes we have undergone, what losses we have mourned, the Christmas story speaks to us again of new birth and the possibility of our own rebirth . It tells us that things can be different. This gives substance to our hope that new life is possible because of the birth of the Son of God.
It is difficult to imagine the celebration of Christmas without the help of Luke’s Gospel. It is the artist Luke who puts us in touch with the young virgin with child, Joseph her husband, the surprised shepherds, the jubilant angels announcing the good news. We are drawn into a drama that is larger than our own.

We are invited to share the mood of joy and hope. We are asked to take our place in the dark of the manger. We behold the gift of God wrapped in swaddling clothes. Luke’s invitation, which has been extended to all believers down the centuries, reaches us again this Christmas. We are invited to come and worship, to see for ourselves the fragility of God, the littleness of the mighty one, the sheer tenderness of a love that is offered to all peoples.

With the birth of this child a new adventure in faith begins. A new approach to God is opened up for us, a new way of relating to each other is asked of us. This child becomes for all of us the Way, the Truth and the Life. That is why we make the journey back to Bethlehem each year: to rediscover our own roots in the gift of Jesus. For us it is a journey home. Welcome home everybody.

At Christmas we celebrate the great truth that God is not wrapped in silence. He is wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid in a manger. In the Infant Jesus we have the childhood image of the gurgle of God breaking the silence. He is the one who will show us how close God is, and He will die to prove the measure of God’s love for us. A story ever ancient, ever new.