Kildare & Leighlin are hoping to host a ‘Teen SpiriT’ Show in April 2013. Teenagers from first year to fifth year are invited to participate in the Teen SpiriT project.   This will be a unique musical experience for all involved.  The rehearsals at local level will begin early January and the first ‘Boot Camp’ for all performers will be on Thursday 14th February (Mid Term Break).  Youth choirs are invited to join Teen Spirit and members will learn several new pieces that can be used in the parish choir also.   School choirs are also welcome to get involved.

Choirs and/or individual teenagers can sign up through the local parish or through Faith Development Services.  You can sign up by emailing [email protected] or join us on Facebook TeenSpirit Kandle.  All U18’s must complete a parental consent form which should be posted to Yvonne Rooney, FDS, Cathedral Parish Centre, Carlow. Download Parental Consent Form

More information about local rehearsals will be available soon.

Download Excerpt Teen SpiriT Show



TEEN SPIRIT blends a mix of popular chart music, together with well known classics and also the most contemporary Christian music.

TEEN SPIRIT explores young people’s relationship with God in an inspiring, uplifting and challenging way.  It uses a new and refreshing way of presenting the beauty and power of the Christian faith.

TEEN SPIRIT gives young teenagers the chance to come together, work on a common goal, sing,  have fun, pray together and put on a ‘Show’ for family, friends and the local community.

Teen SpiriT addresses issues such as:

v  The desire to believe

v  God’s forgiveness being a springboard to a new beginning

v  Self-esteem based on God’s unconditional love

v  Finding the strength within and in God to overcome adversity

v  Being inspired to go and make a difference in the world

Teen SpiriT addresses these issues by;

v  Reflecting on the Song Choices and the lyrics

v  Group Prayer

v   Testimony and Witness

v   Volunteering

v   Having a Healthy Outlook

v   Trust in God

TEEN SPIRIT is an initiative by members of the Kerry & Cloyne Dioceses who work with teens and/or youth choirs in their parishes and schools.

For more information on Teen SpiriT contact Yvonne Rooney, 0877788007 [email protected]

Check out www.teenspirit.ie