Please see below the key messages we are aiming to communicate in the weekly homily scripts and accompanying iCatholic videos.

This section will be updated each Wednesday during Lent with an iCatholic video, conversation guide for the video and a handout for parishioners so be sure to check back!

March 10: Sunday Mass – Digging Deeper

Homily: Key points

  • Reading of letter from Bishop Denis
  • Invitation from Priest celebrant to parishioners to engage with opportunity in lent – what is happening in the local parish?

March 17: We come together to meet the Lord

Homily: Key points

Read the handout for the weekend of March 17 “We come together to meet the Lord” and print off the handy Video Conversation Guide – the Introductory Rites

  • Called by God (God’s initiative) we come together as people who are equal, welcome, wanted and needed,
  • We support one another in our faith as we worship our God
  • In the Introductory Rites, we stand together united in common prayer and meet our God of forgiveness and love.


March 24: We come together to listen to God speaking to us

  • God is speaking directly today into the circumstances of our lives
  • Our task is to listen to the word and really hear what God is saying to us for today so that we can respond
  • In our prayer of the faithful we pray for the world and ourselves, reminding us of the call for us to care for others and God’s constant care for us.

Resources will be published on Wednesday March 20.

March 31: We come together to share in Christ’s Body and Blood

Homily: Key points

  • We continue to do what Jesus asked us to do; As Jesus did, we take, bless, break and share
  • In the liturgy of the Eucharist Jesus’ once and for ever sacrifice on the cross is present to us, being poured into our lives
  • In the liturgy of the Eucharist Jesus is present to us in His Body and Blood
  • By taking, blessing, breaking and sharing we come to share in Christ’s Body and Blood in order to be nourished for the Christian life and to go and be Christ’s Body in the world. (Christ has no body but ours – St Teresa of Avila)

Resources will be published on Wednesday March 27.

April 7: We come together to be sent to bring Christ to the World

Homily: Key points

  • We have spent these weeks digging deeper into our Sunday Mass. This week we dig deeper into the Concluding Rites. These rites prepare us, with the blessing and companionship of God, to be sent out from here
  • We are sent – in order to do in our lives what we have celebrated. We are sent to become what we have received, to be the body of Christ, echoing once more St Teresa of Avila
  • The end is just the beginning. We get to go out now and live our faith until we meet again next week.

Resources will be published on Wednesday April 3.