2nd – 5th July 2015

See attached brochure for details of the days and for a booking form. Participants can attend individual days if unable to attend the school in its entirety.

Pilgrims for Christ

We are a pilgrim people! Some may be on a journey of physical travel to a holy place or shrine as an exercise of penance and faith. Others may be on a spiritual journey travelling from a bleak place to healing and reconciliation. Whatever our mode of travel – we are all on a pilgrim journey through life to Christ.
This year’s repertoire will nourish all pilgrims at all stages of their journey through school and parish as active participants in Liturgy. Music has been selected from a number of modern Irish Church music composers in addition to traditional pieces to enhance Eucharist, celebration of Sacraments and Liturgy of the Hours for school, parish and cathedral liturgical celebrations.

About this Year

This year we have continued to make a number of changes to the Summer School responding to many of the points that we received in the feedback forms from last year. We are delighted to welcome both those who have worked with us in the past and for the first time this year. This Summer School has been prepared with Church Music Dublin. The training needs and challenges are similar for musicians in both the Church of Ireland and Roman Catholic parishes. We look forward to learning from each other. We will also celebrate Choral Evensong on the Saturday Evening and have an Ecumenical Prayer around the Cross on Friday night together.

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