Fr. Donal Dorr describes Spirituality as our deepest heart’s desire’ which is the title of his latest book.

He looks at the internal or inward-looking aspect of one’s spirituality and also at outward-orientated activities such as working for social justice or the environment. In this podcast Eileen Good asks him about this particular aspect of Spirituality.

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ISBN: 1856076296 – Publisher: Columba Press


Spirituality is about our deep longing and searching for meaning, for peace, and for a sense of our personal call in life. It is also about the various moral, political, or religious activities through which we endeavour to answer our call and to live out our commitments from day to day. For some people the word ‘spirituality’ suggests activities that are very inward-looking. Their deepest heart’s desire is to achieve personal mindfulness and serenity. Others tend more to look outward.

Their spirituality and their deepest heart’s desire is about ensuring that the human rights of people all over the world are respected, and that social justice and care for the environment take a central place in the way our world is organised.

In this book Donal Dorr brings together these different aspects of spirituality. Starting from a survey of a variety of everyday spiritual experiences, he moves on to offer a Christian interpretation of the mystery of life and of the personal call of each individual. In the second half of the book he links these personal spiritual experiences with the major moral issues of ecology, justice and globalisation. The result is a synthesis which he hopes will find an echo in the reader’s heart.

Author Biography

Donal Dorr is a member of St Patrick’s Missionary Society and a former consultor to the Pontifical Commission for Justice and Peace. He has spent many years providing training and support for community activists and offering workshops on spirituality. Donal is the author of nine previous books dealing with various aspects of spirituality, including the prize-winning Spirituality and Justice.