Social Justice Ireland is an organisation who are committed to working to build a just society. This week have published their Socio-Economic Review for 2010 entitled An Agenda for a New Ireland‘.


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An Agenda for a New Ireland

The document provides an outline of an alternative narrative of how Ireland came to be where it is, where it might go and how it might get there. The paper uses basic Christian values as a means to approach their analysis. The Review goes on to look in detail at twelve key policy areas i.e. taxation, income and poverty, work, education, health, rural development, sustainability and environment, housing, public services, participation, migration and the Third World.

Social Justice Ireland’s 250-page Socio-Economic Review for 2010 entitled An Agenda for a New Ireland published on April 6, 2010 can be downloaded on

The review argues that:

  • Irelands policy-making for more than a decade was guided by many false assumptions concerning economic growth, taxation, services and infrastructure.
  • Many policy failures arose from these false assumptions.
  • These policy failures produced much of the current series of crises that Ireland is facing.
  • These crises have been exacerbated by persevering with failed policies and false assumptions.
  • Ireland needs a new vision to guide policy development and decision-making if it is to move beyond the current series of crises. The Review sets out four core values that should underpin a guiding vision for Ireland in the years ahead.
  • These values lead to key policy priorities for moving Ireland towards such a desirable alternative vision and spells out the details.

Liam Cathasaigh spoke to Dr. San Healy, director of Social Justice Ireland on the day of the launch.