Dear Friends

The Reflections and Prayers in this Booklet could hardly come at a more appropriate time. We are some months into our Year of Faith. Introducing that Year of Faith Pope Benedict XVI said: “The ‘door of faith’ is always open for us, ushering us into the life of communion with God and offering entry into his Church. It is possible to cross the threshold when the word of God is proclaimed and the heart allows itself to be shaped by transforming grace.”

Reflecting on the Readings during Lent allows our hearts to be shaped by the transforming grace that comes to us through Jesus Christ.

The Reflections are now available as we look forward to our own Diocesan Congress in March with its theme ‘Lord, increase our faith”. That Congress will be built around the three key ideas of understanding our faith, living our faith and praying our faith. This booklet will be a wonderful help to all who use it to pray their faith, and that in turn will lead to a better understanding of that faith and a willingness to proclaim and live it out in their daily lives.

Pride in our faith and a willingness to proclaim it is more important now than ever before. For centuries it was attacked from abroad. Now it is attacked from much closer to home under the guise of “progress”, “liberty”, “civilisation”. To challenge those attacks demands commitment, energy and perseverance. Again those only come to us through prayer and the inspiration and encouragement of the Holy Spirit. To again quote Pope Benedict XVI “This is how we can picture the Year of Faith: a pilgrimage in the desert s of today’s world, taking with us only what is necessary, neither staff nor bag, nor bread, nor money, nor two tunics…. but the Gospel and the faith of the Church”. Taking the Gospels with us through these reflections, we will, please God, once again experience the joy of believing, come to understand our faith better and put it into practice however difficult the environment may be at times.

I want to thank sincerely the Faith Development Services and all who contributed in any way to the publication of this booklet. May you experience true joy in your faith as you witness the fruit of your good work.

Monsignor Brendan Byrne
Diocesan Administrator


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